S DBW to S Meter Correlation Table

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The following table shows how S DBW (median signal power expected at the receiver input terminals) values can be mapped to S meter readings.

There are a few assumptions: the receiver input impedance is 50 Ohms and the transmission lineloss is minimal. Also we assume that the S meter is correctly calibrated. In practice, S meters are mostly imprecise and can only give relative readings.

S DBWW (50 Ohm)dBuVmicrovoltsS Meter
-43.015.00E-0593.9850000.000S9+60 dB
-53.015.00E-0683.9815811.388S9+50 dB
-63.015.00E-0773.985000.000S9+40 dB
-73.015.00E-0863.981581.139S9+30 dB
-83.015.00E-0953.98500.000S9+20 dB
-93.015.00E-1043.98158.114S9+10 dB


This table has been refined as per suggestions by Ahti OH2RZ.