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VOACAP is an improved and corrected version of IONCAP, retaining all of the theory as put forth by John Lloyd, George Haydon, Donald Lucas and Larry Teters in the 1975-1985 time-frame with modifications which were suggested/approved by George Lane, Donald Lucas, George Haydon and A. D. Spaulding (a world authority on HF radio noise predictions).

Take a look at the VOACAP evolution chart (courtesy of George Lane, Lane Consultant).

Major improvements in efficiency, coding corrections and ease of understanding the IONCAP program were made by Franklin Rhoads of the U.S. Navy Research Laboratory under the sponsorship of the Voice of America (1985-1996). Many of the newer features in VOACAP and VOAAREA were designed and implemented by Gregory Hand at the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences who created VOAAREA and made many significant improvements to VOACAP.