Corrections to Man-made Noise


[This document is part of the help files integrated into the ITS HFBC software package.]

In my (George Lane) last conversation with Don Spaulding before his retirement from Federal Service (March 3rd), he asked if I would publish a correction to his report. Here it is:

Spaulding, A.D. and F. G. Stewart, An Updated Noise Model for Use in IONCAP, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Report 87-212, January 1987.

Page 20. fifth line "These new values are"

Dl = 7   change to  Dl  = 6

The computer code uses the correct value of 6 dB for the lower decile of the man-made radio noise distribution. Also it is correctly implemented in VOACAP and ICEPAC.

Don advised that his model should not be used for frequencies below 2 MHz as it can blow up in certain cases. "Speedy" Lowell Minor is reported to have found a novel way of working the distribution terms and hopefully will report to us about his work.