Antennas for VOACAP: Artificial high-gain antennas


This is a collection of artificial high-gain Type 11 antennas which do not exist in reality. They are all omnidirectional, with a gain of 16 dBi at given elevation angles.

They can be used as representatives for antennas which are not known, for instance in estimating a coverage area for a state-of-art amateur radio station in a contest. You may also use these for simulating which elevation angles give the best reception in the area of interest.

Unzip and place these in a separate directory under the \antennas\ subdirectory.


Download all antenna files in one zipped package,

Elevation angles in 5-degree increments

Files: 16-0-5.voa thru 16-35-40.voa

1-5 deg 5-10 deg 10-15 deg

15-20 deg 20-25 deg 25-30 deg

30-35 deg 35-40 deg

Elevation angles in 10-degree increments

Files: 16-0-10.voa thru 16-30-40.voa

1-10 deg 10-20 deg 20-30 deg

30-40 deg